UX professionals from Ukraine


We have several job opportunities for Ukrainian UX professionals in Portugal, in collaboration with our best clients. We are looking for different professionals to design, write, research or develop excellent products and services, combining user preferences and expectations with the organization’s goals. These professionals are passionate about the way people interact with the world around them and are constantly looking for ways to improve products and services. They understand the importance of details, but value a holistic view of the problems and focus on solutions. Concern for the end user is present in every activity of these designers, writers, researchers, and developers. Hyphen will help in every step of the process to come to Portugal, get settled and get a job.


  • UX designers;
  • UI designers
  • UX writers;
  • UX researchers;
  • UX developers;
  • Front-end developers.


  • Academic or professional training in UX, programming or related areas;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Knowledge of Portuguese is a plus.

I'm not a EU citizen, can I still apply?

Big yes.

Hyphen is part of the Tech Visa program, created to simplify the granting of a work visa or residence permit for non-EU citizens.

Please select the allowance checkbox

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