Business Analyst


We’re looking for a Business Analyst responsible for identifying market trends and conducting competitive analysis in the national and international markets. This person is moved by data and metrics to meet business goals and is an expert on outlining problems, opportunities, and solutions.


  • Suggest new innovative solutions for digital channels, taking into account the needs of Customers and trends;
  • Evaluate business processes to identify areas for improvement;
  • Develop Business Case and define project objectives and performance indicators;
  • Define functional and non-functional requirements to support the technical development of new solutions;
  • Engage with all stakeholders
  • Monitor the development and implementation of new solutions, ensuring compliance with the stipulated requirements
  • Follow the test plan and carry out functional tests;
  • Monitor metrics and performance indicators to ensure compliance with project objectives.


  • Degree in Management, Finance, Economics, Business Administration or similar;
  • All levels of seniority;
  • Analytical, critical, constructive capacity;
  • Team spirit, autonomy, and organization;
  • Fluency in English.

I'm not a EU citizen, can I still apply?

Big yes.

Hyphen is part of the Tech Visa program, created to simplify the granting of a work visa or residence permit for non-EU citizens.

Please select the allowance checkbox

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