Python Developer


We’re looking for a Python developer. This professional – who has the server’s back – is responsible for the coding, designing, and implementing (bugging-free) Pythons language. One of their responsibilities will be to strive for a high degree of automation, clean architecture, and high-quality materials. Tip: Interest in Software Security, Reliability, and Maintainability are a plus.


  • Select the right tools for the right jobs
  • Work in a cloud environment, helping migrate applications from AWS to GCP and keep the same qualities and capabilities as before
  • Develop resilient and high-performing cloud-native applications
  • Research, evaluate, and test new approaches, processes, and tools and help teams to use them effectively.


  • Experience with Rest API and GraphQL
  • Experience in building microservices using Python programming language
  • Hands-on technical knowledge and delivery experience using Google Cloud Platform and AWS
  • Solid understanding and practical knowledge of the full API development for backend development and software development lifecycle
  • Good knowledge and experience in Agile and Scrum
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering or similar

I'm not a EU citizen, can I still apply?

Big yes.

Hyphen is part of the Tech Visa program, created to simplify the granting of a work visa or residence permit for non-EU citizens.

Please select the allowance checkbox

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