Service Designer


We’re looking for a Service Designer with a Human-Centered approach. This professional has a holistic view of the problems as well as of possible solutions. It’s someone concerned about the long-term impact of all actions that may be implemented in a particular business or service and on its agents. This person can understand the user: who they are, how they think and which are their pains. They are able to make decisions supported by the data they collect and know how to explain their findings in an organized and clear way.


  • Manage projects related to research and service design.
  • Map user experience.
  • Conduct and participate in research and service design activities.
  • Identify and suggest quick wins to product teams.
  • Participate in the creation of processes of orchestration and optimization of people and techniques to increase the value and impact of research (ResearchOps).
  • Empower other teams to carry out user testing activities.
  • Understand and clearly communicate the findings.


  • Minimum experience of 3 years as a service designer and/or UX Researcher.
  • Oriented to human-centered design.
  • Knowledge and experience in the areas of research and/or service design.
  • Capacity of synthesis, objectivity and clarity.
  • Autonomy and resilience.
  • Experience in the banking sector (plus).

I'm not a EU citizen, can I still apply?

Big yes.

Hyphen is part of the Tech Visa program, created to simplify the granting of a work visa or residence permit for non-EU citizens.

Please select the allowance checkbox

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