UX Researcher


We’re looking for a UX Researcher who easily empathizes with the users and understands their motivations, pains and needs, even from a distance. Someone curious, who is an expert observer and experienced in analyzing and testing digital products. The ideal candidate will be able to transform research data into valuable insights to improve those products and to communicate them clearly to their team and other stakeholders.


  • Analyze different digital products.
  • Plan and conduct user research activities (contextual interviews, field studies, usability tests).
  • Work together with multidisciplinary teams (designers, project managers, developers), involving everyone in the research process through workshops and other ideation techniques.
  • Plan and conduct interviews with stakeholders.
  • Interpret users’ motivations, behaviors and emotions.
  • Analyze, organize and transform collected data into actionable findings for the design and development teams.
  • Present research conclusions to stakeholders and multidisciplinary teams.


  • More than 3 years of experience as UX researcher.
  • Academic background in Design, Anthropology, Psychology or other Human and Social Sciences.
  • Solid experience in planning and conducting user research activities, such as contextual interviews, field studies and usability tests.
  • Strong communication skills, to structure and present findings during the research process.
  • Knowledge of Big Data and Business Intelligence tools (highly valued).
  • Understanding of basic concepts of development (preferred).
  • Fluent in English.

I'm not a EU citizen, can I still apply?

Big yes.

Hyphen is part of the Tech Visa program, created to simplify the granting of a work visa or residence permit for non-EU citizens.

Please select the allowance checkbox

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