Does Portuguese grammar have no secrets for you? Do you write clearly and concisely? Are you able to adapt your writing to different audiences? If you said yes to all, we’re looking for you. The UX Writer we’re looking for will collaborate with different teams to solve communication problems and create clear, easy-to-use interfaces. With a user-centered approach and an interest in the evolution of digital tools, you will help design useful and intuitive experiences.


We're looking for a recruiter specialized in working with IT professionals. The candidate will also be responsible for recruitment processes follow-up: from the first contact to the upshot. The recruiter will have the autonomy to actively searching for the right professionals accordingly to the business goals. It is crucial to be organized, results-driven, empathetic, and be comfortable with tight deadlines. It’s important that this person knows how to speak the language and understands the concepts and technical terms of the people working in the areas she/he will recruit.


We are looking for a senior UX designer with a holistic view of problems and possible solutions. This person has a great sense of organization and prioritization, and the ability to involve those around you. One of the main strengths this Senior UX designer has is to combine the vision of the business with that of the users.

Lisboa, Braga

We’re looking for an OutSystems Developer who stands up for the importance of low code in fast-paced environments and with a passion for developing web and mobile apps. Someone with strong critical thinking, attention to detail and the ability to understand the users. The ideal candidate should be very organized and autonomous, while able to work in a team.

Lisboa, Braga, Remote

We’re looking for a resilient and strategic Drupal developer, with a strong visual sense. Someone with special attention to details and a passion for design and development.


We have several job opportunities for Ukrainian UX professionals in Portugal, in collaboration with our best clients. We are looking for different professionals to design, write, research or develop excellent products and services, combining user preferences and expectations with the organization’s goals. These professionals are passionate about the way people interact with the world around them and are constantly looking for ways to improve products and services. They understand the importance of details, but value a holistic view of the problems and focus on solutions. Concern for the end user is present in every activity of these designers, writers, researchers, and developers. Hyphen will help in every step of the process to come to Portugal, get settled and get a job.


We’re looking for a UX Researcher who easily empathizes with the users and understands their motivations, pains and needs, even from a distance. Someone curious, who is an expert observer and experienced in analyzing and testing digital products. The ideal candidate will be able to transform research data into valuable insights to improve those products and to communicate them clearly to their team and other stakeholders.


We are looking for an iOS Developer with an insatiable desire to learn and create the best iOS apps. The person we are looking for is a true team player with a trained eye for bugs and is quicker to fix them than his own shadow.


We’re looking for a Mobile developer to make the best mobile apps come to life, in iOS or Android. Someone who is focused on the details, developing usable and reliable apps and suggesting technical solutions always with the user in mind.


We’re looking for someone versatile to identify and develop new business opportunities and to attract new talent to the team. Someone with a special interest in following-up with consultants and contributing for their evolution, used to build and maintain close relationships. To tackle this challenge, assertiveness is an essential skill, as well as the ability to find fast and efficient solutions, and resilience to face obstacles.


We are looking for Junior Recruiter to support our Recruitment team, in finding and selecting the best professionals to join our projects. We look for a real team player with a proactive and communicative attitude. And obviously, sense of humor and good mood are always welcome!

Lisbon, Porto

We are looking for a UI designer with an excellent visual culture and a strong desire to learn. Someone creative, able to materialize ideas in visual proposals aligned with the brand, both online and offline.

Lisbon, Remote

We are looking for a Product designer with a taste and sensitivity for visual content. We need someone experienced in designing web and mobile interfaces and with great interest in research activities (previous experience will be appreciated). More than mastering design and prototyping tools, our new designer must have great motivation to learn and should be comfortable with presenting reports and defending proposals, standing up for their ideas.

Remote, Lisbon

We’re looking for a Front-end Developer who can put the cherry on top of the cake. Someone with a strong sense of visual and aesthetics, who understands the impact of their work on the users’ experience. We look for a developer with a problem-solving mindset, and the ability to see the big picture but also to focus on the details. The ideal candidate should be methodical, responsible, and able to work in a multidisciplinary team.

Front-end Developer


We’re looking for a Front-end Developer that can put the cherry on top
of the cake. Someone with strong visual and aesthetic sense, that understands the impact of their work in the user experience.

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When I joined Hyphen, I felt that I’d been carefully chosen for the job. The regular conversations and feedback allow me to track my evolution, and to steer my career in the right direction, according to my own needs.

Larissa Alt

UI Designer